Cardio Gym®

CARDIOGYM CG3 simultaneously combines cardio and resistance training with a virtual trainer guiding you through a variety of exercises to give the best total body cardio machine workout available. The CG3 folds into its own stylish cupboard for easy storage and is on wheels for transporting. With the bike folded up you also have a functional trainer that allows you to do hundreds of different strength exercises.



Truly Universal

CG3 combines cardio and strength training known as Fusion Training. CG3 is scientifically proven to burn more body fat than treadmills and ellipticals.


Functional training with an adjustable pulley system gives maximum variety of exercises to users. CG3 has lower and upper adjustable pulleys and hybrid angle options.


Console Description

The CG3 has 6 different workout modes, with each mode having a demo video to teach the user how to train upper and lower body muscles effectively.

Display Type

Integrated 7” TFT resolution 800 x 480 touchscreen. There are another 5 keys under LCD display, that the user can control machine during workout.

Display Feedback

Total Time, Interval Time, Distance, Calories, Speed, RPM, Resistance, Current Exercise, This Count, Last Count,Total Count, Heart Rate


Manual, Hill Climb, Pyramid, Random, Interval and Heart rate.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (open)

228cm x 93cm x 195cm (L x W x H)

Dimnensions (closed)

61cm x 93cm x 195cm (L x W x H)

Maximum User Weight

150 Kg | 330 Lbs


Wireless Heart Rate

Yes – Polar Telemetry

Cable System

Dual swivel pulleys. Plus an additional 2 low swivel pulleys that can be used for functional training


4 Comfort grip single handles, Cable Kayak bar

Rotary Motion


Walk Through Access


Drive System


3 Piece Steel

Resistance Levels



Oversize dual sided with quick release adjustment