Booty Builder 4.3

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You are doing an optimal range of motion and movement for targeting the gluteus maximus when exercising on the Booty Builder®. The machine is based on the Hip-Thrust, shown in research to provide extreme glute activation, as well as great activation of the hamstrings and core muscles. The problem with the Hip-Thrust is the hassle of setting up with free weights and benches, losing balance and/or flipping over the bench or barbell. The Booty Builder® circumvents all of these issues, as it is constructed on a highly stable platform which is easy to use, and can be performed comfortably by just about everyone. The upper body bench support as well as the wire and belt system can be adjusted for individual biomechanics. As you progress in strength on the Booty Builder machine, you can add resistance in seconds by moving the easily accessible pin. In a group training environment, it only takes a few seconds to change resistance, move the bench and/or adjust the belt system or use body weight only. The Booty Builder® machine is designed for improving both hip range of motion and functional strength for daily life, as well as strength relevant to various sports. Strong glutes can help prevent knee and back pain, increase strength in exercises such as dead lifts and squats, and even improve running, jumping, skiing and athletic prowess in general! The Booty Builder® is a new and innovative machine which makes Hip-Thrusting easy and fun, and builds a great set of glutes that will attract the admiration of everyone!

Product Description

Booty Builder 4.3

Booty Builder 4.3

Ultimate Hip Thrust machine

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Weight 427 kg
Dimensions 100 x 120 x 215 cm


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